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Classic Ship Model 15

Artesania Photograph of Le Hussard

A Profile of "Le Hussard"

A French Brigantine of 1848

Not a great deal of information is available about the history of "Le Hussard" except to say she was one of a number of similar vessels built by France during the mid 1800's. This particular class of Brigantine was renowned for having lethal firepower due to the two large carronades fitted, one each in the bow and stern sheets.

These carronades were designed to swivel virtually 360 degrees and lessened the need for standard cannons. The decks were strengthened to support the intense weight and to combat recoil when the carronades were fired.






The kit for this model also came from the stable of Artesania Latina of Spain and is also quite suitable for the new modeller.  She has fairly fine lines and has a counter stern shape. As with other Artesania models, the timber is good quality and the instructions clear with good photos of the process.  The brass fittings are good and the hull is a plank on frame construction. The scale is 1:50 which results in a decent sized model of 720 mms overall and 610 mms from keel to truck.

Although only a two masted brigantine, the sails are interesting in that they combine fore and aft sails with square sails on the foremast. The deck space is very clear which assists in the setting of the rigging and positioning of the fittings.  The model took around three months of leisure time work to complete in 2001.